Y - Moritz Haase


Moritz Haase - Y 


96 pages

limited edition of 10

signed and numbered

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Inspired by his sister’s decision to convert to Islam, Moritz Haase set out on his own spiritual journey, documenting the results of what has accumulated throughout the course of five years in an extensive photobook, titled ‚Y‘. 

The observer is invited to join in on this emotional catharsis as the imagery borrows from various photographic styles and technologies, creating an intruiging rhythm which correlates to Haase’s  very own sensitivity towards life. 

Covering themes of desire, everyday getaway and spiritual longing, Y’ manages to be both: An enigmatic artifact that at first glance seems to be stripped of any explanation; as well as a precise manual on how to reach further into the magic that surrounds us all. 

It is up to the viewer to chose which one of these experiences they decide to open up to.