creation: recreation - Andreas Schreiner


Andreas Schreiner teamed up with stylist Freia Wolter to challenge themselves reaching beyond the borders of what is considered a ‚classical portrait‘.

Using only stockings, he created an editorial that with its twisted and morphed sujets doesn’t only stir up the viewer’s perception on a formal level; by deconstructing and rearranging the bodies of his models through acrobatic contortions as well as the use of certain photographic techniques such as zooming and tilting of the scene, the observer is inspired to create their own context of what lies outside the narrow framing.

What could have easily become an erotic and intimate matter is turned into an almost abstract and therefore asexual composition that despite its radical alternation inherits all of Schreiners photographic trademarks: the choice of harmonious colours and an eye for the for the subtleties of the human body, despite it’s missing concreteness.