L12L15 - Andreas Lisander

Andreas Lisander collaborated with studio ‚No Service 24/7‘  on producing the imagery for ‚L12L15‘, a handcrafted lighting system made in Germany.

Following the designers‘ puristic approach, the visual language was constructed to match their ethos by highlighting the material quality and simplistic functionality of the product as both lamps from the series are free of any varnish or chemical treatment.


transparency - Moritz Haase

Moritz Haase experimented with combining his journalistic, situational approach with a more commercial practice in this commissioned fashion editorial.

creation: recreation - Andreas Schreiner


Andreas Schreiner teamed up with stylist Freia Wolter to challenge themselves reaching beyond the borders of what is considered a ‚classical portrait‘.

Using only stockings, he created an editorial that with its twisted and morphed sujets doesn’t only stir up the viewer’s perception on a formal level; by deconstructing and rearranging the bodies of his models through acrobatic contortions as well as the use of certain photographic techniques such as zooming and tilting of the scene, the observer is inspired to create their own context of what lies outside the narrow framing.

What could have easily become an erotic and intimate matter is turned into an almost abstract and therefore asexual composition that despite its radical alternation inherits all of Schreiners photographic trademarks: the choice of harmonious colours and an eye for the for the subtleties of the human body, despite it’s missing concreteness.

glimpsing heat of infrared technologies - Andreas Schreiner

Having worked on location plenty of times before, Andreas Schreiner has found himself a versatile yet reliable place to shoot at in our new studio office at Fahrbereitschaft, Berlin. 

A space big enough to accommodate both large scale productions as well as an office desk, including facilities like a kitchen and a wide terrace, Schreiner describes the new situation as a ‚welcome safety‘, as professional photo studio prices have been sky rocketing during the past few years.

Made of highly efficient polycarbonate, a seven metres tall facade lets in a soft and warm light, making the space especially suitable for shoots that don’t require a huge set-up and therefore offers a more intimate and natural atmosphere. 


Y - Moritz Haase


Moritz Haase - Y 


96 pages

limited edition of 10

signed and numbered

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Inspired by his sister’s decision to convert to Islam, Moritz Haase set out on his own spiritual journey, documenting the results of what has accumulated throughout the course of five years in an extensive photobook, titled ‚Y‘. 

The observer is invited to join in on this emotional catharsis as the imagery borrows from various photographic styles and technologies, creating an intruiging rhythm which correlates to Haase’s  very own sensitivity towards life. 

Covering themes of desire, everyday getaway and spiritual longing, Y’ manages to be both: An enigmatic artifact that at first glance seems to be stripped of any explanation; as well as a precise manual on how to reach further into the magic that surrounds us all. 

It is up to the viewer to chose which one of these experiences they decide to open up to.


Surface Tension - Andreas Lisander


Andreas Lisander - Surface Tension


24 pages

first edition of 10

signed and numbered

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During his stay in Tokyo in 2017, Andreas Lisander noticed a certain behaviour in the people around him that he would later compare to the following phenomenon: „At liquid-air interfaces, surface tension results from the greater attraction of liquid molecules to each other (due to cohesion) than to the molecules in the air (due to adhesion). The net effect is an inward force tat its surface that causes the liquid to behave as if its surface were covered with a stretched elastic membrane.“

He made this comparison referencing the strong collective identity of what would otherwise seem like an extremely individualistic and self-expressive nation, creating a tension unlike any other place he has visited before.

‚Surface Tension‘ is a photobook consisting of eleven beautifully spread out images, each one of them skilfully constructed, using a technique that has proven itself as crucial in this specific context: The use of state of the art digital medium format technology allows for an image quality of extreme detail, resulting in what seems like a flat surface full of details that would otherwise be overlooked.

Driven by what started as a feeling and then turned into an abstract construct, Andreas Lisander was able to transform these fragments into picture-turned poetry.

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