at hpht.space we always make sure that our love for image-making stays the number one priority in everything that we do.
however, being confronted with having to make a living off ones creativity, it can be hard sometimes to recognise and distinguish all the various influences that alter our artistic decisions.

that is why, at the very beginning of every new project, we get together to discuss and reflect our thoughts, ideas and desires.

as a group, it is not only our goal to create a modern, yet substantial product, as it is implied by our name (‚hpht‘ stands for high pressure/high temperature, the process in which artificial diamonds are created), but also to gather new insights and solutions to problems one could not have solved alone.

our *paper is exactly that. it is a representation of our very intimate aesthetic heartbeat, a kind of mood board to communicate our current sensibility and perception of the modern world and the thoughts triggered by it.

in our first issue, *paper °1, we explored the impact of ‚spirituality’ in our photography. we shared our experiences through an included transcript with each of us talking about how our images came together, as well as describing the actual process of taking the photographs.
additionally, we held a panel discussion earlier this year at Künstlerhaus Bethanien, Berlin, to not only be able to share our thoughts, but also to create a dialogue with people outside of our group.

we sincerely want to thank everybody for attending our release party at our new studio at Fahrbereitschaft.
to celebrate the upcoming holiday season we are offering a 20% discount on *paper °1 if you enter the promo code 'XMAS'.
we believe that *paper °1 makes a great present for loved ones.

today we are especially thrilled to inform you that *paper °2 will be released soon.
in its essence related to *paper °1, *paper °2 takes things one step further as we have created a tool for ourselves to help us navigate through the complexity of this world and we can't wait to share it with you.

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*paper °1 release

in September 2017 we opened the doors of our new studio in Berlin to celebrate the release of *paper °1  

the exhibition, which was displayed as part of Berlin‘s 2017 Gallery Weekend, featured an installation consisting of four large-scale prints paying hommage to the multi-size layout of our first publication

we want to thank everybody for stopping by


hpht.space "*paper °1"-Preview: Spiritualität in der Fotografie

Das Team von hpht.space lädt am Sonntag den 25.6.2017 ab 19 Uhr als Teil des Abendprogramms der Abschlussaussstellung der Absolventen des Lette-Vereins (Fachbereich Fotodesign) zu einem Magazin-Preview mit anschließender Podiumsdiskussion.

Anhand des neu erscheinenden "*paper °1" unterhält sich Elisabeth Kreutzer mit den Fotografen Moritz Haase und Andreas Lisander Strauch (Lette-Verein), sowie Andreas Schreiner und Christopher Cao über die Rolle der Spiritualität in der Fotografie des jungen Kollektivs.
Ist die Fotografie eine Form der Meditation? Welche Auswirkungen haben Symbole auf den Betrachter? Welche Erkenntnisse lassen sich durch den Akt des Fotografierens erzielen?

Auszug aus https://hpht.space/about-paper/:
"the *paper functions as a representation of our very intimate aesthetic heartbeat, it is a mood board to communicate our current sensibility and perception of the modern world and the thoughts triggered by it.
each issue is printed in a limited edition of 200 and comes sealed in a clear envelope."

Die erste Ausgabe wird am Abend der Diskussion, sowie über den gesamten Zeitraum der Ausstellung, noch vor offizieller Veröffentlichung, exklusiv zu einem vergünstigten Preis von 7€ verfügbar sein.


Dauer: 45 Minuten