*paper °2

*paper °2 devotion edition
*paper °2 resilience edition
*paper °2 devotion edition
*paper °2 resilience edition

*paper °2

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*paper °2 is a photographic tarot deck released in two editions, each containing 39 non-edited photographs that were shot by our artists exclusively on iPhone.

package content: 1 holographic card, 38 photographic cards, user manual (DE/EN)

card dimension: 7x12cm

the product will be shipped in AUGUST 2018

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  • take control over your destiny and let the cards connect you with your past, present and future self
  • choose a deck that fits your personality as each edition’s 39 images cover a specific range of emotions and ideas

  • a total of 78 intimate photographs full of symbols, secrets and stories, shot by our artists on iPhone

  • both editions can be combined to provide a more even and balanced outlook

  • download the *paper °2 App for iPhone and use augmented reality technology to read the card