*paper °1

the *paper functions as a representation of our very intimate aesthetic heartbeat, it is a mood board to communicate our current sensibility and perception of the modern world and the thoughts triggered by it.

*paper °1 features four independently shot stories by Christopher Cao, Moritz Haase, Andreas Schreiner and Andreas Lisander Strauch.

*paper °1

40 photographs printed on glossy multi-sized pages

edition of 200,
each *paper is numbered and comes in a clear plastic envelope


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New compositions and interrelations will  unfold as you turn each of the 40 multi-sized pages that contain nothing but full-sized imagery.

Inside the *paper you will find a sharply transcripted hour-long dialogue between the featured artists in which they explain and talk about their photographic journey and the importance of spirituality in their work.


Each *paper °1 is numbered (edition of 200) and comes in a clear plastic envelope. 

A rubber band connects both the jacket and the transcript with the body which is composited and stapled by hand.


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edition of 200
printed in Germany