12 Questions: Andreas Schreiner

Andreas Schreiner grew up in a small town in Bavaria. In 2016 he graduated in photography at the University of Applied Sciences, Munich. We got together with the photographer to ask him 12 questions about him and his work.

 Andreas Schreiner (photograph: Joseph Wolfgang Ohlert)

Andreas Schreiner
(photograph: Joseph Wolfgang Ohlert)

1. Q: When did you start doing photography?

A: I got my first camera from my parents on christmas when I was 16.

2. Q: What is your photography about?

A: I’m trying to bring out the beauty in everything. It’s my way of communicating my feelings through what is front of my lens.

3. Q: What excites you the most about photography?

A: These days you can use photography in many different ways and for many different causes, may it be for art, politics or documentation. It’s a way to communicate your desires.

What I really love is that you get the opportunity to cross paths and make connections with people you normally wouldn't have met or even known they existed, which makes the whole process very interesting.

4. Q: Do you think photography can change the world?

A: Photography alone can’t do that, but it can support certain views and agendas. It’s a language that people can easily relate to.

 Andreas moved from Munich to Berlin in 2015.

Andreas moved from Munich to Berlin in 2015.

5. Q: What are you looking forward to the most?

A: To creating something that will outlive me.

6. Q: What have you learnt through taking photographs?

A: I used to be a very shy person, so photography made me throw myself into uncomfortable situations in which I had to communicate with other people. When you’re trying to make someone in front of your camera feel comfortable you can’t be timid yourself.

7. Q: Why did you decide to study photography at university?

A: It gave me the opportunity to experiment within a sheltered environment. You also get a lot of feedback from fellow students and teachers. 

8. Q: What’s your advice to someone that has just started doing photography?

A: Stay true to yourself, don’t try to imitate or make others happy. That’s the only way you’ll keep having fun with it.

9. Q: Why is Berlin such an interesting place for photographers?

A: It’s interesting because anything is possible here. It’s a big city with loads of people that are open minded towards new ideas. It’s the ideal place to be creative.

10. Q: Who would you love to take a picture of?

A: Emma Watson

11. Q: What is the most important piece of equipment?

A: Chewing gum

12. Q: What’s the best way to present your photography?

A: On instagram.